Why does my web browser tell me this website is not secure? Chrome, Edge and Safari will.

This refers a specific type of security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is needed for e-commerce sites or any site that collects and/or stores sensitive information such credit card, bank account and/or social security numbers. SSL certificates require the payment of annual fees.

Most websites, including this one, do not need this level of security. This website does NOT collect, possess or store anyone's personal or financial information of any kind. This is a very simple website with text, a few graphics and a link to an audio streaming host. That's all. The very small website portion of ERS Radio is hosted on a very secure server. There has never been a data breach. The streaming portion is hosted by a site with SSL, but that does not count. The negative message is still shown on this website.

The "Not Secure" statement is false and misleading in this case.

A huge corporation has flagged 2/3 of the web as "not secure". This favors larger and richer sites and discriminates against smaller ones. They may see it as improving internet security, but it can be seen as trying to dictate the internet, bullying the little guy or worse. It requires payment of money solely to avoid negative consequences perpetrated by more a powerful entity.

We recommend Firefox. It is not so blatantly negative.